"I couldn't find the sports car of my dreams, so I built it myself"

- Ferdinand Porsche

Twin Turbo headers for the 930 First Look


RarelyL8 930 Twin Turbo Headers

A production product for RarlyL8 Motorsports, these 930 Twin Turbo headers look like a nice solution for those that just feel that two is better than one. Using a mirrored set of equal length primaries and near equal secondaries exhaust pulses are maximized to the turbo. The primaries (available in 1.5" & 1.625") and merge colectors are the same proven design incorporated in their 930 single turbo headers used by many customers. These headers are a rear mount design allowing full access to the valve covers for valve adjustment. This rear mount design is a nice compromise for older turbo's to allow regular maintenance of the engine. As expected, the quality is first rate. Although 993TT based headers have been a popular choice for this type of conversion, the placement of the turbos restricts access to the valves for adjustments and requires the removal or modification of the stock oil tank. Designed to except 993TT based K16's (996 based K16's are in development) capable of producing up to 500bhp. Going beyond 500bhp would require a hybrid K16 or K24's. For more information contact Brian Bodart at www.RarlyL8.com for more information.


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