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- Ferdinand Porsche

Forge Motorsport Billet Turbo Actuators


ActuatorFrom the pioneers of full replacement wastegate actuator technology for internally gated turbochargers, the Forge Motorsport upgraded actuator is an upgrade designed to compliment any application making higher than stock boost levels. The higher than stock base spring pressure within our replacement units allows for the wastegate flapper to be held closed tighter and for longer against the exhaust gas pressure flowing through the turbo.

With the weaker spring of the stock unit, the exhaust gas pressure can sometimes force the wastegate flapper open prematurely. When this occurs, the exhaust gas that is supposed to be spooling the turbo is dumped prematurely, which will subsequently slow the speed of the compressor wheel and limit the potential to make boost in the most efficient manner. Tightening the stock actuator and adding preload to the stock spring will have the same effect as our replacement, as many people are finding with wastegate tweak mods, but to a much lower degree since you're working with an altogether weaker base spring pressure to begin with.

Consider that by increasing the boost pressure entering the motor on the intake side of the system, you will see a similar and corresponding increase in exhaust gas pressure that is exiting the motor into the exhaust manifold to spool the turbo. It is a common practice to upgrade the bypass valve to a stronger unit that will better support the increased boost pressure on the intake side, however, you need to also increase the spring tension of the wastegate actuator to better contain these higher exhaust gas pressures as well.

Our actuators are supplied with 4 different base spring pressure ranges, so the user can select the spring tension that best suits the needs of their application and their target boost output, so possibility of the exhaust gas pressure prematurely opening the flapper against this higher spring pressure is minimized, if not completely eliminated. All of the exhaust gas is then kept within the exhaust housing of the turbo and is forced to continue spooling the wheel keeping boost output at it's peak potential at all times. 

A boost controller, mechanical or electronic, and including the stock boost control solenoid will still allow you to adjust up from the base actuator spring pressure, and it will open the actuator when the target boost pressure is reached, but with the stock unit, there is still the potential for the exhaust gas pressure to prematurely force open the wastegate BEFORE the target boost is reached and the boost controller would send the signal to open the actuator. With our unit, the boost controller will still function in the same way, sending the pressure signal to the actuator to open it fully when the target boost level is reached, but there is far less chance of the exhaust gas pressure opening the flapper before that occurs.

Depending upon which base spring pressure is used and how the units are adjusted, you may see improvements like quicker spool, less tapering, and an overall increase in the area under the boost curve.

We are the only company to offer a piston-based actuator replacement. This provides for very fluid actuation, and quick response. Our actuators have been approved for use by the sanctioning bodies of multiple race series' and are used by numerous shops and teams around the world to achieve more specific levels of boost control than are available from a stock actuator and ECU control alone.

- 100% manufactured in-house at Forge UK
- full billet aluminum bodies
- stainless steel brackets
- fast response piston based internals (no diaphragm to fail)
- Viton high temp, high wear o-rings 
- 4 interchangable internal base spring pressure ranges 
- Mobil1 fully synthetic grease for lubrication
- fully servicable
- fully rebuildable
- lifetime warranty

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