"I couldn't find the sports car of my dreams, so I built it myself"

- Ferdinand Porsche

Porsche 969 Facts

The Porsche 969 was a concept based on the 964 platform. It was to be the successor of the 930 turbo model.


The car was conceived in 1982, as a twin-turbo 911 with four-wheel drive and double-overhead camshafts.[1] The project received the in-house code 965 and was developed along with the new, 964 generation of the 911. However, the intended engine (a 3,3 litre, 374 hp flat-six) could not be used due to cooling problems. Various alternatives were considered during the car's development, including a water-cooled version of the traditional flat-six and and two variants of Porsche's Indy V8 engine.[2]

Styling-wise, the roofline was shared with the 911, while the slanted headlights and wide tail were a continuation of the 959 design.

Ultimately, the project was scrapped. The problems with engine development and a projected price of over 200.000 DM in the wake of a recession made it clear that the car was not to be the successor of the 911 turbo (the 964 turbo was introduced in March 1990). 15 of the 16 prototypes were destroyed in December 1988 and the sole remaining prototype has not been seen since.[3]



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